Calling all truck lovers, over and out! 

Truck Driver Tom
Written and Illustrated by Monica Wellington
Dutton: hardcover 978-0-525-47831-7

"In this colorful picture book, Tom loads his truck with fresh fruit and vegetables and travels across the country to deliver them to the city. Along the way, he and his dog drive by farms, up mountains and down valleys, through tunnels, and over bridges. They stop for gas and food, get bogged down in traffic, and meet other trucker friends. The simple text is printed in a large block font that is just right for beginning readers. But it's the bright, bold illustrations that will really capture children's attention. The pictures are loaded with details that kids will love to pore over, but are not so cluttered as to be overwhelming. Tom's easy-to-spot 18-wheeler is depicted along with an array of trucks and cars, all of which are listed at the back of the book with an invitation for youngsters to look over the pages again to locate each vehicle. Clearly drawn gouache paintings are enhanced with meticulously cut photos to add texture and character to the scenes. Fans of Richard Scarry's books will enjoy this offering, and it will keep the "I spy" set occupied for hours." School Library Journal 

“The uncomplicated text and arefully designed pages make this accessible to children of different levels of comprehension, and the many things to look at will bring them back for many return trips.” Booklist

“Trucker Tom's delivery route is an adventure... Simple but spot-on in its appeal for its target audience.” Kirkus Reviews

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