Soar into birdwatching with Riki!

Riki’s Birdhouse

Written and illustrated by Monica Wellington

“Riki's passion for birds is evident, and likely to be contagious… He is a diligent bird watcher who does all he can to attract and keep birds in his yard through all the seasons-from building a bluebird house and making his own bird food to putting out nest-building materials and growing sunflowers… Decorative frames surround the text, reinforcing the topic and adding more information-readers get a glimpse of Riki's journal pages, identify some of the birds in his yard and learn how a bird develops inside an egg. Backmatter includes instructions for building and installing a birdhouse, a recipe for bird-food cupcakes and information about birdbaths, feeders and bluebirds. Bird lovers with young children and aspiring bird watchers are sure to want to emulate Riki.” - Kirkus Reviews

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