Join in for a day-in-the-life of a very busy cookie baker!

Mr. Cookie Baker
Written and Illustrated by Monica Wellington
Penguin/Dial hardcover edition ISBN:10-0525477632
Penguin/Dial board book edition ISBN:10-0525423729

"This is an ideal book to use with toddlers and preschoolers. Beware! It's guaranteed to cause a demand for cookies." 
School Library Journal

"Kids and cookies go hand-in-hand, and here's a how-to for the very youngest bakers. Every morning Mr. Cookie Baker gets ready to provide the neighborhood children with the treats they so love. He mixes his dough, rolls it and cuts it with cookie cutters, and bakes, decorates, and then serves up the cookies to the horde of hungry children that crowds his shop after school. The brief text is illustrated by art that at first glance seems merely bright and cheerful, but closer inspection shows Wellington's compositions to be quite complex. Cookies in a vast array of shapes surround the boldly lettered text, while intricate design work and careful colorings enliven the facing illustrations. This tasty treat will have instant appeal for individuals and groups." 

Since childhood I have always loved baking cookies at holiday time. And briefly I worked at a famous New York City bakery. These two things came together and inspired the idea for this book.

My recipe for sugar cookies is included at the end of the book, and on the RECIPES page of this website. I hope you enjoy making them!


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