Hurry! Zoom to the fire and help put it out!

Firefighter Frank
Written and Illustrated by Monica Wellington
Dutton: boardbook edition ISBN10-0525423737

"A good introduction to the subject especially if a trip to a firehouse is imminent." 
School Library Journal

"While waiting for the alarm to sound, Firefight Frank finds many things to do around the firehouse, but he must drop everything when the bell begins to signal that his help is needed. Cleaning and maintaining the equipment is a priority to make sure that everything is in working order when it's needed. The firefighters give tours and lessons on fire safety to visiting schoolchildren. They even go grocery shopping and cook together to ensure that they are ready at a moment's notice. The beeping alarm spurs them into their equipment and into the waiting trucks. Once at the scene of the fire, the firefighters must use their knowledge and training to put it out and ensure that everyone reaches safety. Wellington's trademark illustrations - flat, simple, and brightly crayon colored - introduce readers to the world and professions of firefighters. This tribute to this challenging profession is sure to inspire children who dream of one day wearing the uniform." 
Kirkus Reviews


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